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We provide infrastructure, knowledge and cash, you take care of you project. Together we create big business!
What is the stage of your project?
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We offer 30 000 € of initial investments and 3 months of intensive work through our incubational program.
Our mentorship program consists of local experts from the Czech Republic to help you to succeed on the ground; and mentors from Silicon Valley to help you to think global.
After the program we organize a Demo Day where you can get seed investment round from private investors and funds.

Deadline for applications: 20.10.2018
You already have an MVP, go-to-market strategy and know what do you exactly need to succeed?

We can offer you an access to our investment network, 30 000 euro of initial investments if needed, and tailor-made mentorship program from our mentors from Europe and Silicon Valley.
Are you ready to go outside the Czech Republic?

We have a wide network of investment funds and corporations, global experienced mentors and experts from different fields.
Let us know more about your project and we will be happy to help you to succeed.
We organize a transfer of technologies from CIS countries to EU.

Our investors and partners have a unique access to projects from CIS countries.
We help startups with all legal issues to move their team and the project itself to EU that it becomes investable for potential partners.
Why to go with us?
Tell me who are your friends and I will tell who are you. We involve big and experienced partners to identify most promising startups with global potential.
"Silicon Valley in your pocket" is a worldwide project comes to change startup ecosystems in different countries. They solve a very simple problem: if you don't have enough resources to reach experience and money in the Silicon Valley, then the Silicon Valley comes to you.

In ITACA's incubational program we provide startups with access to local mentors (to succeed on the ground) and to global mentors from Silicon Valley (to keep global vision).
IBM is world wide corporation with great technologies and great specialists. ITACA business incubator is a part of the IBM initiative in Czech Republic - AI startup club.

IBM is a tech partner of the incubational program of ITACA, where provide their tech and business expertise. Thanks to this partnership we can give to our startups perks of using cloud solutions from IBM.
Czech Startups is the startup department of CzechInvest, governmental agency responsible for facilitating the entry of investors to the Czech Republic.

Czech Startups provide different startup programs and give an access to mentors, provide a support for startups participating in world startup fairs and match Czech startups to investors all over the World.

Itaca business incubator is a representative of Czech Startup programs for CIS region and promotes Czech startup ecosystem in this region.
Seedstars is the world's largest startup competition in emerging markets, where they scout for the best early-stage startups in 70+ countries in MENA, LATAM, ASIA, AFRICA and CEE regions.

Each year ITACA business incubator as an Ambassador of the Seedstars in the Czech Republic organizes a Czech stage of the startup competition with the constant support of Microsoft, StartupYard, Credo Ventures and others. We identify the best Czech startup and invite them to the Global Seedstars Summit in Switzerland, where they compete for up to 1 MLN $ of investments.

Itaca business incubator has access to a wide network of Seedstars partners and ambassadors in 70+ countries, giving an access to these markets to our projects and partners.
The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions was created at the initiative of the Solar Impulse Foundation following the success of the first solar airplane flight around the globe to federate the main actors of the field of sustainability and clean technologies and promote profitable solutions to protect the environment.

To achieve the Solar Impulse Foundation's mission, the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions works to bring together the main actors - start-ups, companies, NGOs and investors - and involve them in developing, financing and promoting the use of clean and profitable solutions.

ITACA and the World Alliance established a cooperation through regional and international initiatives with the aim of enhancing impact and increasing synergies in clean, smart and energy efficient technologies.

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Our team
Tomas Nielsen
The owner of law firm NIELSEN MEINL focused on technologies, media, telecomms, pharmacies, health-care, business transactions, corporate law

Evgeny Frolov
The ambassador of the international startup competition Seedstars in Czech Republic. Owner of coworking space Krizovatka. Business development director in ITACA
Ing. Zdenek Rybar
Has been a longtime advisor to the Deputy Minister of the Environment, led a team of honorary advisors to the Prime Minister, and currently chairman of the Scientific Council of the Research Institute CVEVL
Alexander Slesarenko, Ph.D.
Board member of different companies, former managing director of BDO Unicon Consulting Russia. COO of ITACA business incubator
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