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What is our focus
Defined but not limited
We try to help startups on each stage of its existing. Our main focus is on early-stage projects with global perspectives, on a stage where startup needs the biggest support, as almost nobody ready to take a risk here. But we strongly believe that someone has to and we are are looking for diamonds from the very beginning.
With the later stages, if we can bring you some value - we will be happy to help: to connect you with the right investor or fund, to leverage the support that corporates can provide you, to introduce you to big potential customer, or to find some potential partners on other markets. This World needs ideas and execution.
We offer 30 000 € (20 000 € in cash) of initial investments (pre-seed round) and 3 months of intensive work through our incubational program. In return, you share 10% of your company (i.e. we evaluate all companies that went through our program as 300 000 €). Our mentorship program consists of local experts from the Czech Republic to help you to succeed on the ground; and we give you an access to mentors from Silicon Valley to help you to think global. Experts from IBM provide technical support for tech startups. At the end of the program we organize a Demo Day and help you to fundraize a seed round.
Theoretical: a cycle of 8-week lectures from Silicon Valley accelerator, plus lectures, trainings, workshops from our mentors. From 9th to 12th week the main focus will be on sales trainings and presentational skills trainings.
Practical: we invite mentors with different professional scope and different business and corporate experience. More than 30+ mentors will help startups to implement the theory into the real practice.
Just do it: as all startups will get investments, they need to work hard on their projects: improve their product, to test the market and to make sales.
Demo day: we invite main Czech funds and private investors + connect remotely Silicon Valley investors
We invite early-stage startups. You need to have at least a pitch deck, financial projection and one-pager. Better if you already have an MVP or know how to build it.
Until the end of the program you have to become an investable project, i.e. to have clear vision and detailed business plan, MVP and traction from the market. We will help you to make the right structure of your company and prepare you drafts of contracts for next investment rounds.
The program consists of 3 main layers:
Go to market stage
Do you have an MVP? You have a detailed business plan and exactly know what you need to go forward?
We offer access to our investment club (30 000 € of initial investments if needed) and a tailor-made approach from our mentors from Europe and Silicon Valley.
We have a wide network of investment funds from Europe and USA, good access to different corporations and 70+ markets through our partners.
Intensive expansion
Have you already succeeded on the ground? Looking for an opportunity to enter other markets? Want to find the right partner?
We have a wide network of investment funds from Europe and USA, good access to different corporations and 70+ markets through our partners.
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